God is one who created the Universe and at the end he will destroy the Universe. Why does he do this? Does He have any choice not to destroy the Universe? If the Universe is destroyed, how can humanity can escape from that giant disaster? 
The Universe exists, then after a very, very , very long time it will burst automatically without any warning.  Is that true?? It is not due to God, if anyone thought God creates the Universe and destroys it again it means God sins; like someone who has a baby and then kills him/her he/she sins.
So my question is " God creates the universe & destroys the Universe, so can humanity survive if He destroy it? "
I believe you are making two assumptions which may not be correct.  First, you are assuming that God will destroy the universe.  I do not see any such statement in the Bible.  In Revelation 21:1 it says that God will create a new heaven and a new earth.  The Bible does say that the earth will be "laid bare" by fire (2 Peter 3:11-13).  Exactly what this means will happen on a physical basis we do not know, but the Bible never says that the universe itself will be destroyed.
Second, you are assuming that after the resurrection, those who will be with God will have an existence which is contingent on the physical universe.  The new heaven and new earth will not be like the former physical earth.  Bottom line, we really do not know what heaven will be like.  God uses a lot of symbolic language because heaven is so great and at the the same time it is so different from any of our experiences that it simply cannot be described in physical terms which humans can understand.  The way Isaiah describes heaven Isaiah 64:4, as quoted by Paul in 1 Corinthinas 2:9) "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."
So, I will admit I do not know exactly what heaven will be like, but our future existence with God will not depend on the puny little physical universe we live in.   Whether or not God will bring this physical universe to an end we simply do not know.  God has not revealed the answer to this question to us.  The "place" where those who are saved will be will not be dependent on the physical universe.   God created the universe so that we could live in it.  Once he brings the world into judgment it is not clear why this physical universe will need to continue to exist, but who knows?  God did not say.  Bottom line, this is all pure speculation.  What we do know is that God, through his Son, upholds the physical universe (Colossians 1:17), so if God pulled out, this universe would cease to exist.
Do not worry, God is in control of all things.  Trust in God, trust also in Jesus.  You have a place prepared for you with God by Jesus (paraphrasing John 14:1-3).  Just trust your life to him.  God can take care of the universe and he will take care of you if you obey and love him with all your heart.  If you do, then when Jesus comes back to judge the world it will definitely not be a "disaster" for you.
One more thing, I do not believe your analogy to one of us killing a baby is appropriate.  God creates human life, so we have no right to destroy it.  If God creates something, it is not a "sin" for him to destroy it.  By analogy, if I create something, say a work of art or if I build something, it is not a "sin" for me to destroy my own creation.  If God chooses to destroy the universe, which is a big if, then it would not be a sin for him to do so.
John Oakes

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