Can you give me some reasons why God would created the universe in so many time… If He is so powerful, and intelligent, then why he created everything in many periods of time?


I assume that you are asking why God use such vast amounts of time to create the universe, the earth and all the various life forms which have existed.  Let me add a parallel question:  Why did God use so much time and why did he create an unimaginably huge universe?  Why not just create one sun and a few planets?  Is it not wasteful to use so much time and space to create us?
This is a good question.  My answer is that God exists outside of time and space.  The entire 13.5 billion years of history of the universe is like the blink of an eye to God.  The 4.5 billion years the earth has existed and the 3 billion years or so since life was created are also but a moment to God.  Similarly the unimaginably vast reaches of the universe are nothing to God.  He is not affected by space.  Distance is nothing to God.  What seems unimaginable great distance or vast stretches of time is nothing to God.  When God created the universe, he set in motion events which inevitable led to the formation of galaxies, stars and planets.  The fact that this took vast amounts of time is hard for us limited humans to fathom, but it is nothing to God.  God chose to create natural “laws” such as gravity, the electromagnetic force, the laws of thermondynamics and so forth in his universe.  I am not in a position to question God on his wisdom in doing this, but I do know that “heaven and earth declare the glory of God” as David said in the Psalms 19.
What seems a mystery and almost illogical to human thinking–that God created such a vast universe and used so much time to create us–is not a logical problem to God at all.  The fact that he did it this way in no way limits the impact of God’s power or intelligence.  Would it take any less power or wisdom to create the universe fast or slow–big or small.  Size and length of time have nothing to do with value or importance.  I hope this helps.
John Oakes

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