I understand that the Day/Age Theory of Evolution reconciles with the scriptures and even allows for the possibility of Adam evolving from chimpanzees, australopithecenes, or something else. However, what about Eve? Do you believe that the account of her creation from Adam’s rib is clearly to be taken literally and plainly? If so, that would mean that she was a “special creation” in the traditional sense. “The woman was special and the man was from monkies!”

(Obviously, an evolved Adam would be just as “special” to God, but saying this way sounds so much more fun.)


Believe it or not, I have never gotten this question. I prefer to think that both Adam and Eve were special creations ex nihilo (from nothing), but have no theological problems with God creating them “in his image” from evolved intelligent creatures by imparting to them a soul, a spirit, free will, consciousness, etc.. Either way, the creation from a rib is almost certainly intended metaphorically to express the idea that Eve, as a representative of a partner for Adam, came from his side, making her equal to Adam. I suppose I cannot rule out the possibility that God literally took a rib out of Adam and used that matter literally as part of the basis out of which he created Eve pseudo ex nihilo, but this seems too wierd a theory to me. I guess it does not really matter. Given all that, it seems to be a strong point of the story that Adam and Eve are equal, and therefore, I am afraid that your really cool idea that Adam is from a human-like evolved creature and Eve was a special creation seems unlikely. Who knows and who really cares which is the correct understanding of the story…. What is important is that we were created in God’s image and that Adam and Eve are equal to one another, even if they have slightly different roles.

Thanks for asking.

John Oakes

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