In the Bible it says the fall of man was the result of natural evil (carnivores,hurricanes,explosions,etc…), so my question is this:  If that is the case, then why does science show us that dinosours and many others animals where carnivores.   If God created carnivorous animals and he says it was good, then doesn’t this reflect on the goodness of God


The Bible does not say that the fall of man was the result of natural evil. First of all, what would be the definition of natural evil? I do not believe that hurricanes are evil. Neither are carnivores evil. What is evil about a fox eating a rabbit? This is natural and is, by definition good. Everything God created is good (Genesis 1:31).  Hurricanes do cause destruction, but they are a natural result of weather which is essential to life on the planet.   Hurricanes are not evil.

Actually, I think you may have misstated what you wanted to say. I  have a feeling what you wanted to say is that the “natural evils” such as hurricanes and carnivores are the result of the fall of man.   In other words, you are assuming that such “evils” (which I do not agree are evil) only came into existence after the fall of Adam and Eve.  Again, I disagree that this is the case. There were hurricanes before Adam and Eve. There were carnivores before Adam and Eve. Dinosaurs lived many millions of years before Adam and Eve and they were carnivores. Carnivores are no more evil than herbivores. Where in the Bible does it say that it is evil for an animal to eat another animal? Hurricanes are part of the natural weather which causes rain to fall on the entire earth and spread the energy from the sun fairly evenly across the earth. This is not evil. In fact it is very good. None of God’s creation is evil. The result of the fall of Adam and Eve was separation from God and spiritual death. There is no evidence, biblical or scientific, of any change in the natural world as a result of the first sin.  I believe your seeming contradiction is the result of an incorrect assumption, rather than an actual contradiction.   The two incorrect assumptions  (from my perspective of course.. you should decide for yourself) are 1. Hurricanes, carnivores, diseases are inherenly morally evil.     and     2. These things were brought into existence because of the sin of Adam and did not exist before that time.     These assumptions are generally associated with Calvinism and the (false) doctrine of Original Sin.   I believe you may want to reconsider your assumptions and even consider where these assumptions originate from.

John Oakes

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