Someone asked me this question, i am not even sure if it makes any sense,
but here it goes, Jesus being all knowing (you know; God in the flesh)
would he have said that the world was round or flat and why?

At first glance this seems like a very easy, almost a silly, question. Of
course Jesus, the son of God, knowing everything, would obviously know
that the earth is spherical. Of course, he would have given the correct
answer to the question. Then, when I think about it a bit more, the
question is interesting. A good question (not necessarily related to a
question which probably noone ever asked him) is at what age did Jesus
begin to have “all knowledge?” Obviously (at least I think it is obvious)
Jesus did not know everything when he was one month old. Although Jesus
was and is the son of God, he clearly allowed himself to take on human
limitation while in the body. He had to eat food and go to the bathroom!
It stands to reason that even in the area of knowledge, Jesus did not know
everything as an infant–that he learned and came into a fuller
understanding of things with age. Perhaps he received an extra level of
knowledge and insight when the Holy Spirit fell on him at the time of his
baptism (Luke 3:21,22). Jesus clearly had a knowledge of God vastly
beyond others of his age when he was twelve years old (Luke 2:41-50).
This is a lot of fun to speculate about. However, in the end, since the
Bible does not ever give a solid statement about exactly what Jesus knew
and when he knew it, I believe one is wise to admit that we cannot say for
sure. Let it suffice to say that in my opinion, Jesus would have given
the correct answer to this question if he were asked, but that is just my

John Oakes

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