If God/Jesus Christ has great power and can perform everything as he would want, why did he delay to come to the earth?
And he certainly knew that the humans are full of sins, why did he need time to come; why he let people sin further before he comes, why did he let Satan stay on the earth to trouble people more?  If you have enough money to save someone’s life such as providing him/her food to eat to prevent hungry do you delay to come to save him/her?
Also, when the new heaven and earth are created will there be people on earth again and will sins come with them again so the earth will have trouble and maybe God will come to save them again. This is the cycle of the Universe.
I am not God and I am not in a position to decide what was the "best" time for Jesus to come to the world to provide for forgiveness of sins.   However, from a logical basis, I can definitely see why God chose the time and the place where he sent Jesus to the world.  Let me give a few logical "requirements" for an ideal time for Jesus to come to earth.
1. At a time when written language existed.
2. At a time of a sustained period of relative peace.
3. At a time when one very large world power allowed for rapid spread of the teaching.
4. At a time when one or at most two languages were used over vast stretches of territory where a lot of people lived.
If Jesus had come at a time when there was no writing, his message could not have been passed down faithfully to later generations.  Jesus came at a time when Greek and Latin were used over a wider swath of territory and by a larger number of people than at any time before that and at any time since then until the last couple of centuries.  Jesus came at a time known as the Pax Romana.  This was a period of greater relative peace than at any time in world history.
If you study world history I believe you will find that the time that Jesus came to Israel is the first time all these conditions were met in the history of human beings.
If you look at a map of Europe, Africa and Asia, you will see that the area around Palestine or Mesopotamia is right at the center of intellectual and commercial traffic for the entire world (outside North and South America).
Another factor is that God prepared a people to whom to send Jesus.  God chose Abraham and his descencants because of the faith of Abraham.  There is a lot of material on this in Genesis 12-Genesis 15.  God chose Abraham and through him prepared a people to whom to send the Messiah.  Through the descencants of Abraham God sent the Law of Moses to prepare the way.  He gave dozens of messiahic prophecies to the Jews; also to prepare the way for sending the Messiah.  If you read my book "From Shadow to Reality"  ( you will see hundreds of examples of events and laws in the Old Testament which prepared the way for God to send Jesus to Israel to save humanity from sin.
Here is how God explains it:  At just the right time–while we were still powerless–Christ died for the ungodly.  According to Paul, Jesus came at exactly the right time.  I have given you a few reasons why the time and place God sent Jesus makes sense, but in the end, I trust on faith that God chose the best possible means to send a saviour to the world.
I believe that when Jesus comes back and the world is judged and the "new heaven and new earth" are created, that will be the end.  Period.  Now, that is the sense I get from having read the Bible many times.  However, I am not sure you can absolutely prove this from any one passage.  However, I get hints from passages such as Revelation 21-22 describes how there will be no more tears and no more pain.  This does not sound like a recycled world with sin in it.  The idea of a cycle or a wheel of time is a Hindu or a Buddhist concept.  There is literally no support for this idea in the Bible. To be honest however, I do not see why it matters to us one way or another.  What matters is that we respond to Jesus and get prepared for him to come so that we can be with God in heaven. 
John Oakes
John Oakes;
Rithyaa Saan;

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