In one of your articles, you said you used to be an atheist, but now you believe in God. Why did you change your mind about the existence of God and why did you choose Christianity? Why not Judaism or Islam, Hinduism? Have you read the texts of other religions? If so, why do you believe in the Bible?


I have answered this question before at the web site.  I suggest you take the time to look at the power point and notes on world religions there. Here is a link:  I suggest also that you do a search at the site for other articles on world religions and world view. If that is not enough, I have about a ten hour class on world religions which explains why I believe that the Christian world view is the correct one.  You may want to consider taking the class from our Christian Apologetics Certificate program (a button on the home page of the site)  I could go on and on and on with this topic, and can do much more justice by you taking the time to read some of the material at my web site.  So as to not simply send you to do a look, which might be frustration, I am attaching an article I wrote on the Christian World View.  Apologetics and the Christian World View

OK, so now let me give you an extremely brief answer to your question.  First I came to believe in God because of some personal religious experiences I had, plus because of my exposure to science which made it so obvious from the design in the universe that there had to be a God.  Then I began a two to three year search to find what is the correct way to know God and to come to him.  At first I was more attracted to Hinduism and Buddhism, as their mystical elements appealed to me, but finally, while in graduate school I came across a Christian group who showed the love of Christ and the devotion to Christ which caught my attention.  At that point I began to take the Bible seriously–mainly by simply reading it.  I came to the (to me at the time) surprising conclusion that the Bible was true–that it was the Word of God.  Once I became completely convinced that the Bible is from God, becoming a disciple of Jesus and being baptized into Christ was a fairly simple matter.  I was baptized forty years ago next week.  I believe that the other world views (Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism) are simply not true.  They are not consistent with reality and they provide only a glimpse of the true God–not the truth.  So, I reject these are legitimate religions.  Yes, I have read the texts of other religions fairly extensively.  They are not inspired, as I explain in some of the material you will find at my web site.  I suggest a powerpoint and notes on Apologetics and Islam as a first place to look.

This is specifics as to why I believe Islam is not true–that it is a false religion.  I have plenty of material on other religions as well.

There is an almost infinite amount of reason that I believe the Bible is inspired.  I have a very thorough summary of the evidence for the inspiration of the Bible.  It is in the book I have published titled “Reasons for Belief.”  Please consider getting a copy at
John Oakes

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