What would you say to an atheist who is a complete materialist (who believes in only the things he can see) to convince him that Jesus is the truth?


That would depend on the person.  Not every materialist is the same.  If the person is even an iota open, I might do a study of the messianic prophecies, followed by a study of the claims of Jesus.   Many atheists are not really committed to their worldview and this approach might work.  This is found in my power point on Evidence for Jesus.  A version is included here.  Evidence for Jesus

Other atheists/materialists are more convinced of their worldview and would refuse to even consider any actual evidence that they are wrong.  For this person I would go for a worldview argument.   Even with this, there are two options:

1. Use a design argument.  I would present the material I use in my Science and God presentation.  This is available in a power point at the web site (and I am attaching it), and most of the material needed is contained in my book Is There a God? (available at    I have had committed materialist friends be brought over to theism by this presentation.  Of course, this would still be a big step away from Jesus.    Science and God

2. Or I would use a worldview approach by asking questions, such as:

Do you believe it is wrong to rape?  Why  (the moral argument)

Do you have a body or are you a body?  What are the implications?

Is there such a thing as evil?

Why does the universe exist?   Here is an article on world view:    Apologetics and the Christian World View

Paul Copan has a good book on using questions to challenge our materialist friends.  I believe it is called Strategies.

John Oakes

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