In the world of 1st century Palestine, a woman’s testimony was not recognized as legally binding BUT the Jesus resurrection account is built on the testimony of women.  Does that mean it’s a hoax?


Absolutely it does NOT mean that the gospel message is a hoax.  Who said that?  How sad is it that anyone would say that Jesus’ message is a “hoax,” because women testified to the resurrection of Christ?  This is blatant misogyny.  The fact that the cultures in the ancient Near East were misogynistic (ie discounting the value of women) is an embarrassment to these people.  But God never undervalued women.  And Jesus never undervalued women.  He refused to accept the sinful disrespect of women of his own culture. Jesus, on purpose, gave great respect to women, and he used them to spread the gospel.  Just look at the Book of Luke.  In this book, most of the heroes are women.  Women supported Jesus financially.  They were the first witnesses of the resurrection.  Amen for that.  Shame on ANYONE who would propose that Jesus’ love and respect for women is a reason to call the story of the resurrection a hoax.  I am so  proud that the birth of Jesus was announced first to a woman, and that his resurrection was first announced to women.  And shame on anyone who would use this as an argument against the fact of the resurrection!  The fact that Jews did not accept the testimony of women is on them, not on Jesus.

John Oakes







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