If Jesus Crucifixion was so evident then why some early Christian sects denied it?  Some said: Simon of Cyrene was crucified.  Some said: Judas Iscariot was crucified.  Some said: someone substituted him.

What is your response?


This is a flat-out, blatant lie.  Plain and simple.  There is absolutely no truth to this claim, and anyone who makes it ought to be ashamed of themselves.  There is no excuse for telling such lies.  My response is that you should tell anyone who says this that it is an irresponsible statement.  You can then ask them to provide information to back up this claim.  Of course, they will not be able to do so.  It may be that someone claimed it was Simon of Cyrene or Judas who was crucified in the last century or two.  People say all kinds of things.  What I can say without doubt is that no one made such a claim in the first few centuries after Christ.  Ask this person the name of this sect and the name of the one who said this.  They will have no answer.

Please do me and yourself a favor.  Either stop listening to these people altogether or refuse to accept anything they say unless they have solid evidence to support such claims.  Please do not give space to these lies.  This is rather obviously coming from a Muslim who is trying to destroy your faith in the Bible and in Jesus.  DO NOT LISTEN to such people.

John Oakes







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