In the event that a Christian is empowered to draft legislature is it biblical to allow for the death penalty for crimes like murder?


What the government does is their business.  The government is not an arm of the church and neither is the church an arm of the government (hopefully).  In the New Testament, Paul says that Christians should respect the governing authorities and that “they do not bear the sword in vain.” (Romans 13:4)  Therefore, our job is to respect the law.  We cannot expect our governments to obey Christian principles.  It is not likely that true Christians will ever be in charge of governments, so your question is really a moot point.  For myself, personally, I am against capital punishment.  This is my position as a Christian as I agree with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5. I lean rather strongly toward pacifism.  Yet, I accept that I live in a country that has this policy.   If I were asked to vote, I would vote against capital punishment, but I do not expect that my government will be a Christian one, and I understand that worldly governing powers must have the option of force to protect everyone (including myself) against the actions of evil people.  I do not agree with capital punishment as I believe it is inhumane and is ineffective, but I respect the government that God has put me under and I acknowledge that God has given freedom to governments to create laws to prevent bad behavior, including capital punishment if they so choose.

John Oakes

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