I have noticed many changes in my New King James Bibles and agree with many people who have noticed these changes. Is this, in your opinion, God’s will.


There is no indication that Bible translations are inspired.  The original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts are inspired, but there is no indication that those who either copy of translate the Bible are inspired.  Some translations are better than others and no translation is perfect.  It is best to have more than one translation of the Bible when studying particular scriptures in depth. Often there is no exact English word equivalent to a Greek or Hebrew word, so having more than one translation can give you a better idea of the original meaning.  Some translations are generally not as accurate as others.  For example, paraphrased translations are not as precise, although they have a place.  The King James is not a very good translation for today because it uses such archaic language and words that have a very different meaning today.  Also, it was not based on the best Greek and Hebrew manuscripts we have today.  About any changes in the New King James translation, I am not sure exactly what you are referring to.  Are you asking about how it is different from the King James or from earlier slightly different editions of the New King James?  Also, is there a particular passage you are interested in?  So, unless you are more speciic, it is hard for me to give you a specific answer.  I would say that it is likely that changes made are more likely to be an improvement than to make it worse, as ou should assume that scholars are working carefully.  But, in principle, changes in a traslation should not necessarily concern you. Please let me know if you have a more specific question.

John Oakes




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