Read your excellent answers to Dan.9:27… What do you think about interjecting Luke 4:18-21 as first half (Yeshua’s ministry being first half of 9:27 while all things being put under His feet during completion of Eph.4:13 during Great Tribulation Period second half of week… The adoption process of Romans 8:18-23 coming into the mind,will,and purpose of The Father? John 20:21
Isaiah 45:11 Ecc.7:8 Rev.20:4-6 ?


I suppose I cannot absolutely rule out this interpretation.  I find it to be rather speculative, but I do not want to be too hard line on my opinion.  First of all, Daniel 9:27 does not talk about two halves of this week.  To give an interpretation to a prophecy which is not even mentioned seems, to me, to be rather big speculation.  It reminds me of those in the premillenial camp who try to find an interpretation about the ten toes in Daniel 2 when ten toes are not even mentioned.  I prefer to avoid speculation unless circumstances require some speculation.   I have never seen good, solid evidence in the Bible for the premillenial “Great Tribulation.”  This seems to be more of an invention of modern premillenialists than anything in the Bible.  I do not even find the phrase “Great Tribulation” in the scripture.  The great distress (a better translation than the KJV) of Matthew 24:21 is surely a prophecy about what happened in Jerusalem at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.  In fact, that is how I view the Daniel 9 passage in my book on Daniel.  Have you read my “Daniel, Prophet to the Nations”?  I strongly suggest this book.  It is available at

As for Isaiah 45:11, in context, it does not seem to be discussing end times.  In Isaiah 45:1 it is suggesting that this is about the time of the restoration of Judah to the Promised Land.  As for Ecclesiastes 7:8 it is not discussing end times at all.  I am not sure why you even use this passage.  As for Revelation 20:4-6, it is likely talking about end times (but possibly not… Revelation 1:1), but to say that this is what happens in the second half of the week of Daniel 9:27 I cannot absolutely rule out, but I would just say that it is highly speculative, and leave it at that.  I like to use the words of Isaac Newton in his commentary on Daniel.  I believe it is appropriate to discussing end-times.

“The folly of interpreters has been, to foretell times and things, by this prophecy [ie by Daniel], as if God designed to make them prophets. By this rashness they have not only exposed themselves, but brought the prophecy also into contempt. The design of God was much otherwise. He gave this and the propheies of the Old Testament, not to grativy men’s curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the events; and his own providence, not the interpreters, be they manifested thereby to the world. For the event of the things predicted many ages before, wil then be argument that the world is governed by providence.”

I appreciate this advice and try to follow it.  I try to stick to things prophesied in Daniel which are a matter of history, not a matter of speculation about the future.   That is what I think.  So, I do not automatically discount your idea, but prefer to say, maybe, but we will see….

John Oakes

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