I’ve always thought science was the study of God’s creation. If we find
that our species is just a part of a living planet, that which was made in
His image is a bit bigger than our species. In that case, God’s image is
grander than is expressed in humanity-stood-alone, but more like
humanity-in-and-of-nature. If, then, our planet is among other orbs and
that there is space between them, then His image just got even bigger,
didn’t it? If we conclude from available evidence that our galaxy was Big
Banged into existance and evolved (as our earth and life on it), guess
what else is part of God’s creation? As the line goes, God created the
world and BANG!! there it was-and it was good. Am I deluding myself here
or am I onto something? What are your thoughts?


You are onto Platonism (Plato) or neo-Platonism (Plotinus), or some other
sort of pantheistic religious idea. Given your use of vocabulary
(humanity-stood-alone, etc.), I am guessing you are working from some
source, not out of a vacuum. This is basically the theology of the New
Age Movement. The idea of Plato, which is resonant in many ways with
classical Hinduism, is that our inner self is a spiritual oneness which
fills the universe. This pantheism is also found in gnostic Christianity,
a heretical sect which was a major offshoot of early Christianity. This
group taught that our physical self is not our true self, but that our
inner self is the soul which fills the universe. The Gnostics also denied
that Jesus was crucified. They claim that Jesus did not exist as a
physical being, which will explain why the Gnostics were renounced as
heretical by the apostolic church (1 John 1:1-3, 2:22,23).

I would not say that you are deluded. Many people have had the same
thought, as you can see from the previous paragraph. I would say that in
my opinion you are wrong but not deluded. Please do not take my opinion
as gospel. You need to investigate your thoughts for yourself. However,
you should realize that if you continue in this way of thinking you will
be in direct contradiction to the Bible. In the Christian view of things,
the universe does not equal God. The universe is upheld by God
(Colossians 1:17), but God exists outside of the universe. Human beings
are created with a physical body which is temporary and a soul/spirit
which is eternal. We are not “part” of God, but we were created as
separate beings who are able to have a relationship with the God of
creation. Neither is our planet a living thing. I am aware of no
definition of l”ife” by which the earth is alive, although some New Age
philosophers like to describe the earth this way.

My suggestion to you is to do a little of your own study into the idea of
pantheism. I do not know where you are coming from. I come from a
perspective where I believe the Bible is inspired by God. From that point
of view the idea you are expressing is not correct. You will have to

John Oakes

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