Is it true that all of the prophets in the Bible had a mother and a
father? Christ himself was given birth through the Virgin Mary

and so essentially this means that Christ has no earthly father. This is
an amazing piece of evidence that Jesus is the Christ,

along with the prophecies from the Old Testament about the Christ or
Messiah being from the Family David and being born in Bethlehem.


There is one figure in the Old Testament whose origins are
mysterious enough that I might mention him in relation to your question:
that is Melchizedek. Hebrews 7:3 says of him, “Without father or mother,
without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, like the Son
of God he remains a priest forever.” I will have to say that I still
cannot claim to fully understand this passage in Hebrews, but it does seem
to raise the possibility that there was at least one other person
mentioned in the Bible who had a miraculous birth. It might be a fun
homework assignment for you to get a good commentary on Hebrews and
research some of the proposed explanations/interpretations of this verse.
By the way, Melchizedek was a priest, not a prophet, so the answer to
your question is that as far as we know, all the prophets had a physical
mother and father. Melchizedek is a prefigure of the Christ in his
priesthood and in the miraculous nature of his birth and death (or lack

As to the virgin birth of Jesus, yes that certainly does say a lot
about Jesus. When I talk about miracles, I tend to not place as strong an
emphasis on this miracle because the evidence for it is not as strong as
some of the other New Testament miracles surrounding the life of Jesus.
Of course, I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus: don?t get me wrong
about that. What I mean is that most of Jesus’ miracles were done in
public with dozens and often hundreds and even thousands of eye witnesses.
The virgin birth of Jesus is attested by two witnesses, one of whom was
apparently dead before Jesus’ public ministry. For myself, it is the way
Jesus died and was raised from the dead that provides the greatest
evidence of Jesus’ deity.

John Oakes

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