How do you know evolution isn’t real?


The answer is that I do not know it isn?t real. Evolution happens. It is
real. We know this from experiment. Scientists have studied very simple
life forms such as bacteria and viruses and observed them “evolving” in
the laboratory. By doing genetic studies, they can even infer (but
perhaps not directly observe in the laboratory) evolution in higher plants
and animals. I do not know what you have been taught, but let me inform
you that evolution is very real. The definition of evolution is change.
Through random interchanges of DNA and through mutation, the average
genetic pool of a given species changes with time. This is evolution. It
is not the message of the devil, designed to destroy your faith in the
Bible. It is a conclusion one can reach by looking at the evidence.

I have a feeling that this is not really what you are asking. I am
guessing your real question is whether or not the current theory of
evolution can explain the entire fossil record and the origin of all
species which have ever lived from a single original life form. If that
is your question, then the answer is very different. However, the
argument is a bit more involved. I discuss this is some detail in my
book, “Is There a God: Questions of Science and the Bible” which is
available at A new edition of this book is coming out
in December, 2005. Let me give a very brief summary. The evidence from
the fossil record implies (but does not prove beyond reasonable doubt)
that different species have been created at different times. Of
particular interest is the Cambrian explosion?a proliferation of complex
life forms which, according to scientists, happened about 540 million
years ago. I also believe that God?s hand directs the course of
evolution. Let me be very honest here. I cannot prove the existence of
this “hand,” but my understanding and knowledge of the path of change
leads me to this conclusion. My belief here is not hard science, but my
belief based on the general evidence.

So, evolution is real, but blind, random, non-theistic evolution is not
sufficient to explain the evidence we have at hand, especially from the
fossil record. As a scientist I do my best to maintain an open mind.
However, I believe the evidence for creation of life is overwhelming, and
that the evidence for godless evolution is questionable.

John Oakes

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