I want to ask you about the one discovery – Is this the real tunnel from the Bible or not? Could you give me, please, a good web site about Bible discoveries?


Yes, this is almost certainly the same tunnel which, according to 2 Kings, was constructed under Hezekiah in about 705 BC. The Siloam inscription adds credence to the conclusion that it is the same tunnel whose construction is described in the Bible.  Carbon-14 dating of materials left behind from the construction also supports this date.

As for Bible discoveries, I have written a book, “Reasons for Belief” which has a whole section on archaeological discoveries which support the reliability of the Bible. It is available at If you cannot get a hold of the book, there is a large amount of material at my web site on the topic. If you go to the Power Point section, you will find at least two presentations on Archaeology and the Bible. One it titled “Using Archaeology in Teaching and Preaching.” The other is titled “History, Archaeology and the Bible.” In fact, if you click on the button for the Apologetics Certificate, we have an entire ten-hour course available on the topic of biblical archaeology. You will find that archaeology cannot “prove” the Bible, but it definitely supports the reliability of the Bible as an historical document, and also, therefore, supports belief in the inspiration of the Bible.

John Oakes


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