Question:,Can you help me about dinosours. It was said that they live here on earth millions of years ago and there were fosils of dinosaurs that were found. How can you explain this?,Answer:,Yes, dinosaurs lived a very long time ago. They appeared on the earth somewhere a little more than two hundred million years ago. Their fossils are found on every continent in the world, including Antartica, believe it or not. The dinosaurs all disappeared about 65 million years ago. There is some evidence, although not completely convincing, that a huge object called the Chixlub asteroid, which struck the earth about 65 million years ago, caused such devastation on the earth that this is what wiped out the dinosaurs, giving room to the mammals, which led to the modern forms of life we find on the earth.,Some people find the evidence for dinosaurs unsettling to their Bible beliefs. This is because they assume that the “days” in Genesis are literal 24-hour periods. Perhaps this is what actually happened, but many Bible scholars understand the “days” of Genesis to be a metaphorical reference to the periods of time over which God created the world we live. Of course we cannot prove this one way or another, but I believe the description in Genesis chapter one is in good acccord with what we know from science, providing good evidence that this account is inspired by God. ,If you want to go into this further, you may want to get a copy of my book Is There a God (available at If you cannot get a hold of the book, I can help you to find some more detailed articles at my web site. You can find some of these by doing a search.,John Oakes

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