Dr. John Oakes is traveling in Indonesia for two weeks.  He will be uploading lessons given there.  All will be taught in English, but most with Bahasa Indonesia translation.  Classes include one on Hebrews 11 (Living by Faith), a five hour class on the Book of Revelation, and a five hour class on the Book of Ezekiel.  Living by Faith Bahasa    Living by Faith Bahasa PPT   Holy Spirit Bahasa   Revelation Bahasa Indonesia PPT    Revelation Bahasa 1    Revelation Bahasa 2     Revelation Bahasa 3  Revelation Bahasa 4     Ezekiel Bahasa 1    Ezekiel Bahasa 2    Ezekiel Bahasa 3    Ezekiel Bahasa 4    Acts and Church History Bahasa   Knowing God The Christian Adventure Bahasa  Knowing God The Christian Adventure PPT    From Shadow to Reality Bahasa    These are in English only:  Ezekiel Jakarta 1    Ezekiel Jakarta 2   Ezekiel Jakarta 3   Ezekiel PPT    Lesson for Singapore that I never gave because of the volcanoe:   What it Truth Singapore


















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