Many say that in the age of science it’s absurd to say that Bible is reliable when it says that the Creation took 6 days to complete and God created man when evolution is proven. How do I answer them? I’m not a science student but how can we answer such questions?


I would say that if it were true that the Bible does indeed say that creation took place in six literal 24-hour days, then the claim would have some merit, but the Bible does not say, literally, that this is the case. Most Bible interpreters believe that these “days” are a literary device–a kind of metaphor–that the author uses to make theological, not scientific claims about creation.  In an age of science, the fact that these days are not literal is more obvious, but the fact is that even in the first few centuries Bible commentators such as Philo, Origen and Augustine proposed that these days are a literary device or a metaphor.  If you want a more complete answer, you might want to consider getting a copy of my book “Is There a God?” available at  Also, if you do a search of my web site for the search term days of creation you will find nearly twenty articles, including ones written by Hugh Ross and others that can help to answer your question.  Please do not be intimidated by opponents of Christianity who want to paint believers into a proverbial corner by implying that all Christians must interpret the Genesis story as fully literal.  This is not how ancient Near Eastern peoples told their creation stories.

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