Dr. John Oakes will be making a teaching trip to India, Bangaladesh and Sri Lanka from Jan 5-23, 2017.  We will be posting a journal, itinerary and lessons during the trip.  Cities to be visited include New Dehli, Mumbai, Pune, Dhaka (Bangaladesh), Kolkatta, Bangalore, Chennai and Colombo (Sri Lanka).  If you are able to attend one of the events, the itinerary will be Delhi 1/5-6, Mumbai 1/7-11, Pune 1/9-10, Dhaka 1/12-13, Kolkatta 1/14-15, Bangalore 1/16-17, Chenai 1/18-19 and Colombo 1/20-23.  For more information, locations, topics, contact John Oakes at john.oakes@gcccd.edu

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