A Muslim started to debate with me about evidences of Islam, and he immediately shared a link which shows 19 convincing proofs of splitting of moon by Muhammad (a supposed miracle of Muhammad). Actually I almost lost my Christian Faith after reading the website he provided–it really contains shocking empirical evidences of splitting of the moon…and I really don’t know what to do now. I’m confused and bewildered…Here is the link:-


This material about the supposed “splitting of the moon” is for the easily convinced, in my opinion.  Muhammad did not split the moon!  This is absurd on the highest possible level.  Can anyone with a miligram of credulity believe this nonsense?  This person offers literally zero evidence of anything even remotely approaching anything like a splitting of the moon.  He shows evidence of small-scale geologic activity on the moon which happened billions of years ago as evidence that Muhammad split the moon!  Are we supposed to believe this?  He also quotes from Hindu scripture.  Is this evidence?  He refers to the prophet like Moses from among the Jews from Deuteronomy, but this is clearly a prophecy about Jesus, not Muhammad.  Really, where is the evidence for Muhammad splitting the moon?  If anything, all of this is evidence that the Qur’an is not inspired by God.

The author quotes a NASA scientist completely out of context when he says that the surface of the moon is more broken up than we would have thought.  This man certainly is not talking about the moon being split, and this author knows he is not.  This is downright shameful.  No NASA scientist would agree that Muhammad split the moon.  If asked for permission to be quoted in this article, they would probably sue the Muslim person for using their name.  This is totally irresponsible and shameful.  We need to learn to be much more skeptical to believe such nonsense. In one picture he shows a supposed crack in the moon’s surface, but right in the middle of the crack is a crater which is hundreds of millions of years old, and he claims this comes from Muhammad splitting the moon 1400 years ago.  Seriously?

He then takes Isaiah 24:23 totally out of context.  This passage is an apocalyptic one in which Isaiah says that “the moon will be dismayed, the sun ashamed.”  This is a prophecy that the moon will be split in two?  Who can possibly believe this nonsense?  Again, this man ought to be ashamed of himself for so blatantly abusing the Bible in this way!

Please, completely remove from your mind that Muhammad correctly prophesied or miraculously caused the moon to be split.  Honestly, we need to not be so easily swayed by such obviously false so-called evidence for the reliability of the Qur’an.

John Oakes

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