Dr. John Oakes is teaching a 14-hour New Testament Survey class for the Southwest Ministry Training Program.  The first class will be Fri/Sat 2/18-19 at the Orange County building of the Los Angeles International Church of Christ. 10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA.  I will be posting notes, PPT and audio.    NT Survey Syllabus    New Testament Survey Notes      New Testament Survey PPT      NT Survey Audio I     NT Survey Audio II      NT Survey Audio III  NT Survey Audio IV  NT Survey V   NT Survey Audio VI  NT Survey VII   NT Survey VIII  NT Survey IX      NT Survey X    NT Survey Audio XI    NT Survey Audio XII    NT Survey XIII (incomplete)    NT Survey XIV    Mark Sermons I – VIII PPT    Mark Sermon I – VIII Notes     Matthew Sermon I – XVII PPT    Matthew Sermon I – XVII Notes    Luke Sermons I-IX Notes    Luke Sermons I-IX PPT    John Sermons I-XVI Notes    John Sermons I-XVI PPT    Acts Sermons I – VI Notes    Acts Combined Sermons PPT     Romans Notes   Romans PPT Romans PPT    Galatians Notes    Galatians PPT    Sermons from Ephesians     Hebrews Notes     Hebrews PPT      Revelation Combined Sermon Notes    Revelation combined sermon PPT














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