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Notes to accompany "Reflections on the Passion of the Christ."


Many have been shocked by the movie, The Passion of the Christ.


          Not the kind of movie to see many times.   Not bringing in popcorn.


Rev 13:8   In God?s eyes, Jesus is a ?lamb, slain from the creation of the world.?


          God had this in mind all along.


We should have know it was coming.


Jn 5:39,40   The OT is about me.    Imagine how this made the Jews feel.


Luke 24:44


We will look at these prophecies.


1.     Were these really written hundreds of years beforehand?


( Nostradamus)


     a. Septuagint     Hebrew   to   Greek   200 BC

     b. Dead SeaScrolls


2.     How do I know these things really happened?


a.      Josephus

b.     Tacitus

c.     Talmud?.  Jewish writings.      Many are a matter of historical record.


Note:    Pontius Pilate was definitely a real person!!!!


     3.  Maybe Jesus was plotting to make a false claim to be the Messiah?


a.      a big price to pay.   The Messiah had to be killed.


Slide:    Gethsemane.     Jesus was not exactly fired up about being the Messiah
at this point.


Slide:   Fortress Antonia


Slide:   The Courtyard of Flagellation


Slide:   Would Jesus do this if he was faking being the Messiah?



Slide:  One of the streets in Jerusalem Jesus may have dragged his cross


Slide:  Jesus dragging his cross.


Specific Prophecies:


Isaiah 53:1-3.


Was Jesus despised and rejected?


Do we know this from history?


Could Jesus have arranged this one?


Isaiah 53:4,5


But he was pierced for our transgressions.   (John 19:31-35)


          Could Jesus have arranged for this to happen?

          Q:  How did Isaiah know about the piercing?      (A lamb slain from?)


                   Jesus was killed for your sins?  How do you feel about that?


Isaiah 53:6,7     Did this happen?    How did Isaiah know this?


                   Could Jesus have arranged to fulfill this one?


Micah 5:2      The Messiah has to be from Bethlehem.


                   Matter of historical record.


                   Definitely not arranged by Jesus


Isaiah 9:1-6      Messiah from Galilee, near Zebulun and Naphtali


(2 slides of maps)


Could Jesus arrange this?


Q:  How many people in the history have been from Zeb and Naph, but born in Be


          Again, How did Isaiah know this?


Psalms 22:16-18


The Messiah will be crucified.    Why?  Our sin!!


          Imagine how David felt when he wrote this.  What am I talking about????


          Imagine how Jesus felt when he read this.  This is what is in store for


          I can count all my bones.   Jn 19:31-35.   Jesus? bones unbroken.


          Q:  Did they divide Jesus clothing or gamble?   Both?

(John 19:23,24)


          Did Jesus put them up to it while on the cross:  Hey guys?


Zechariah 11:12,13


          Thirty pieces of silver.   Imagine Zechariah:  ?Why did I write that??

                   (Matthew 26:14-16)


                   Not 29, not 31?. 30!!


          Throw it to the potter   Again, Zechariah:  Why did I write this?

                   (Matt 27:3-8)

          Q:  How did Zechariah know this?


Daniel 9:24-26    My favorite.


Decree of Artaxerxes   (Ezra 7:12-16)     458 BC


70 sevens = 490      490 – 458 = -32    no zero BC   =  AD 33



According to the OT, the Messiah must be:


Born in Bethlehem

Raised in Galilee near Nazareth

Despised and rejected

Silent before accusers



Garments divided and gambled over

Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver

Come to Jerusalemto put an end to sin in about AD 33


How many people are qualified to be the Messiah?




The Bible is inspired by God


God didn?t just allow for he planned the suffering, torture and death of his
Son Jesus.


This was for us.   How do you respond to the cross?


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