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 Power Point for God, Science and the Bible {/jdownload}

Notes for Science and God/Science and the Bible


Pantheon:  house of all gods


Voltaire:  Apostle of Reason


Rousseau:  Apostle of Feeling and Emotion


Le Place:  Apostle of Materialism    Through science and math can prove that I do not need God.


Q:  Did they find the truth?


          a. how did I get here?        b.  where am I going?      c.  why am I here?


My background:   atheist       science & some experiences     God       Buddhism, Hinduism, Mysticism     
  Finally discovered the Bible.


Ps 19: 1-4    Nature screams there is a God?


Vastness of space, beauty of living things, intricacies of molecules and cells
all declare loudly there is  a God.


The scientist has less excuse than others!


Rom 1:18-20     God:  My existence is obvious from my creation.  You have no excuse.  Especially true
of scientists.




Slide #1   Water was created by God?    w/o water, no life anywhere in the universe.


          a. bent, sticky    if not, boil around ?150oC

          b. great solvent for a huge range of necessary molecules, CO2, O2, ion
s, sugar.  No other liquid comes even close to the solvent properties of water


          c. Only liquid at life temps for which solid floats on liquid  ?    con
trol temp of earth


          d.  high specific heat   temp steady, higher life forms possible


          e.  etc?..   viscosity etc.       GOOD JOB GOD!


Slide #2   Carbon     Joke:  periodic chart make you sweat with fear?


          100 elements, only carbon even comes close to being able to support
life.   The properties of carbon are designed exactly right to allow life to exist.


          a.  four bonds  3-d shapes

          b. long chains with self and other atoms

          c. large, complex 3-d structures to make enzymes, nucleic acids etc.

                   Joke:  Spock and silicon monster on Star Trek  very logical ?..

                                      GOOD JOB GOD FOR MAKING CARBON


Chemistry done, now biology


Slide #3      God created the genetic code.


Human genome     4 billion ?base pairs?  


3 base pairs code for an amino acid, allowing proteins to be synthesized.        Who create
d the code?      God, obviously.

4 nucleic acids code for the twenty amino acids.  An awesome system, which is at the
same time complicated and elegant.


The ultimate chicken and egg argument:   it is a fact that in nature,


     DNA is only synthesized by proteins


     proteins are only synthesized by DNA


In fact, the structure of DNA is ideally shaped with the major groove just exactly
the correct width to allow proteins to reversibly attach to DNA to allow the
DNA to be ?expressed? . 


          Q:  is all this just luck?   Impossible!


Slide #5    A cell


In human body there are 100,000 different protein molecules.  Even in simplest cells,
there are about 4000 different protein molecules.  Where did these all come from?     God!


Biochemistry   ?    God


In fact, scientists now talk about the Anthropic Principle


?The laws of nature are what they are, and the fundamental constants (such as
the gravity force and electromagnetic force and so forth) have the values they
do so as to allow for advanced life forms to exist.?


Now, Phyics


Bible:   The universe was created.


Physics before 1950?s (approximate)   The universe has always existed.


Current theory of physics:   The Big Bang.  Guess what, physicists now believe the universe
was created.  Good for them.


Slide #6     ?Fat Chance?


Current models of the Big Bang  show that the amount of energy in the bang and the
size of the gravity force are balanced to one part in 10114.    Slightly bigger
force:  no galaxies, stars or planets and no life.     Slightly smaller:  universe collapses in
on itself very quickly and no stars, planets etc. form.


Besides, the electromagnetic, nuclear strong and nuclear weak forces are also
exactly tuned to allow life to exist (although showing why is beyond the level
of this talk)


Roger Penrose, OxfordPhysicist   1/10114

          ?like shooting an arrow at random across the universe and hitting
a one meter target at the other side.


Some physicists, to explain away the anthropic principle, have proposed an infinite
# of universes, without any direct evidence at all.


Iagine how smart God is!

Imagine how powerful God is!

Imagine how creative God is!


Back to Romans    Rom 1:21-25    Le Place, Carl Sagan, Voltaire arrogantly declare there
is not God.  What does God say to them?


The message:   Do not worship created things!


          (education, success, pleasure, money, family)  Worship God.  


Make it practical.



Part II    Science and the Bible.


Subject of the Bible?   Science?  Philosophy?   Religion?    No.


God?s desire for a relationship with his people.  How to have a relationship with God.

                             but?..  some science in the Bible?.


Slide #7   Embers Papyrus.       Read it.    


The point:   if the Bible was  a creation of man, it would contain many silly-seeming
things like this, because that is what the human wisdom of the day produced.    (not
e that there was at least a grain of wisdom, even in the Embers Papyrus, but?.)


Slide #8,    At this point, I simply read through the slides and make commentary
on them.


God:  obey and will have none of these diseases. 


pigs, carnivores, shellfish, rats, etc.   all can cause disease.


Maybe the Jews themselves were unusually wise in the area of medical knowledge.     N


Slide #9           Nothing like this is found in the Bible.


Slide #10    Until 1860?s  in Western  medical practice, Doctors go straight from doing autopsies
to gynecological exams and surgery.  No hand washing before or between contacting patients.


Sammelwies, Lister and Pasteur proved the existence of infectious disease.


Q:   why hyssop?      hyssop has a powerfur antibacterial compound in its oil.    Inte
resting.   A coincidence?


Slide #11


Circumcision on 8th day.  Why?      Clotting factors


Vitamin K  high first day or so, but drops as body cannot produce it.  Once bacteria
kick in, about the 5th or 6th day it begins to rise, reaching normal levels around
7th or 8th day.    Babies receive a vitamin K shot nowadays.


Prothrombrin (a protein)  none in blood at birth.  Begins to rise , reaching a peak around
110-120% of normal levels 8th-10th days.   Coincidence?      


The safest day to circumcise a child is on the eighth day.    Did Abraham or Moses
do scientific experiments to determine the best and safest day to circumcise?    Silly
.   God told them.


Other examples.    Water cycle,  etc.  


The point:   The Bible is inspired by the same God who created the universe.


Do not be intimidated by PhD?s with glasses.  


Who says the Bible is full of myths and legends and scientifically ignorant
ideas.   Give me one example.


Keep studying,   Keep asking questions,   Write them down.   Remember I Pet 3:15.





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