John and Jan Oakes visited Iglesia de Cristo, Tijuana April 19-20, 2012.  See the report below.

We were taken across the border by Juan Pablo Molina.  From there we traveled to the Autonomous University of Baja California in Tijuana (UABC).   Juan Pablo and his wife Abigail moved to Tujuana to help restart the campus ministry there last year.  The campus group had essentially disappeared in the church here.  Since then they have had four baptisms and there is a renewed sense of hope and excitement for the campus in Tijuana and other churches in northern Mexico.  The event this weekend is a good example of the revival of the campus work in Tijuana.   I taught a class Ciencia y Cristianismo at UABC.  The class was translated very capably by Mauricio Garcia.  With about 30 members of the church there, there were 80+ at the presentation.  Of the 45+ visitors, forty said that they are interested in studying the Bible.  Many of the guests were from the medical school.  Nearly all are students.  Needless to say, the campus group are very excited.  The only problem is how to study the Bible with all these people.

In the evening, Jan and I got to spend time with our friends Jesus Junco and his wife Elva.  The church recently got new leaders: Roberto and Nellie from Monterrey, but since she gave birth Friday PM, they were not at the meetings.  This seems like a pretty good excuse.  On Sunday AM I was able to preach for the church.  The topic was Hechos y la Historia de la Iglesia (Thoughts on Acts and Church History).  The sermon is a call to have a vision to change the world as the church in the first three centuries did.  There were about 250 in attendance, with almost no empty seats.  The church here is growing in faith and looking forward to numerical growth this year as well.

Tijuana Church 4/2012


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