What are the names of the seven angels listed in the New Testament? what
is the name of the beast of the New Testament?

I have heard the claim in the past that there are seven named
angels in the Bible, but I cannot confirm this claim from studying the
Bible itself. The specific named angels in the Bible are as follows:

1. Archangel Michael. (Rev 12:7-9, Daniel 12:1

2. Gabriel (Daniel 8:16, Luke 1:5-9, Luke 1:26-38)

3. Apollyon (also known as Abaddon) Rev 9:11

4. Satan (many references)

One could also mention the angel Raphael, who is mentioned in
the apocryphal book Tobit. That is it as far as I can see from my

As for “the beast” goes, it is difficult to be absolutely sure
what or who this is a reference to, although many have attempted to make a
definite identification. The beast is only mentioned in the book of
Revelation, which is obviously a highly symbolic, apocryphal book. It is
tempting to say that the beast is Satan, except that in the imagery of
Revelation, one finds mention in Revelation 13:2 to the fact that “the
dragon gave the beast his power.” Assuming that the dragon is Satan, then
the beast is an entity which works under the influence of Satan, but it is
not Satan.

Let me give you my interpretation of who the beast is. I
believe it is an apocryphal/symbolic representation of the persecuting
power of the Roman Empire. To support this claim, I would mention
Revelation 13:1-8 which gives many descriptions that are very appropriate
to Rome and its power. “He had ten horns and seven heads.” (Rev 13:1)
This is probably a reference to the same ten horns in Daniel seven, which
are a reference to the first ten emperors of Rome, the eleventh being
Domitian, the first systematic persecutor of Rome. The seven heads may be
the first ten emperors, minus the three very minor emperors, Otho,
Vitellius and Galba (see my book on Daniel), or they might be the seven
hills on which Rome sat. Rome was known as the city on seven hills. Rev
13:5 describes the beast uttering proud words, another reference back to
Daniel seven, which is certainly referring to Rome. For me the kicker is
Rev 13:7, which describes the beast by saying that “He was given power to
make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given
authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.” It is hard to
miss the reference to Rome and its persecutions in this passage.

Further evidence that the beast is Rome is found in Revelation
17:1-14 which describes the beast, saying the seven heads are seven hills
on which the woman sits (v 9). This HAS to be Rome. It also describes
the ten horns of the beast as as ten kings (v 12) who give power and
authority to the beast, and who make war against the Lamb (Jesus).

In summary, there are not seven named angels in the New
Testament. There are only four mentioned by name. The name of the beast
is Rome as personified in the emperors who persecuted the saints.

John Oakes, PhD

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