I was wondering if you have heard of the  neurosurgeon Dr. Eban Alexander’s experience with his now published “near death experience” I read his book over Christmas. What is your take on it?


I have not read this book, but I have read other similar accounts. I even watched the trendy movie on the topic back in 1977 (can’t remember the title, but it was the rage back then).

I believe that such experiences are subjective enough to not be the kind of “proof” which will convince the skeptics. The claim that the cerebral cortex was completely inactive and incapable of producing dreams/visions seems a bit stretched. I appreciate the faith of this man. I certainly do not deny the validity of his experiences, as I have no basis for denying them. I think his account may encourage many believers and might even convince a few to believe. However, as a scientist, who is trained to be skeptical, I do not find such accounts to be convincing proof of an afterlife or a soul. Obviously, I believe in these things. I certainly believe in an afterlife, but my faith in this is based on faith in the Bible, and in the words of Jesus, who clearly told us about the afterlife.

John Oakes

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