What does Hebrews 6:1 mean?


Hebrews 6:1 means that there are certain very basic Christian teachings.
For obvious reasons, most of these deal with salvation issues, such as
baptism, faith and repentance (See Acts 2:36-39). However, in order for a
Christian to grow and to remain faithful throughout their lives to God,
they must move on to more depth. They must study theology, the nature of
God, God’s historical plan to bring in salvation, the nature of Jesus and
his relationship to the Father, the relationship between the law of Moses
and the New Covenant and so forth. I use these examples of deeper
teaching because these are the subject of Hebrews. Mature followers of
Jesus must deepen their faith and their knowledge of scripture or they
will be stunted in their growth and will be in danger of falling away from
Christ (which is the context of Hebrews 6).

John Oakes, PhD

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