What does Matthew 6:22-23 mean?


By coincidence, I just preached on this passage two weeks ago.  If we look at the context of the passage, both before and after the verse, the subject is the kingdom of God.  Before the passage we are told that we must put our treasures in heaven.  After we are told that we cannot serve two masters, that we should not worry, and that we should seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness first.  Therefore, I conclude that Matthew 6:22-23 is talking about the kingdom of God.  Here is how I see this passage.  The “eye” in this case is our vision and understanding of the importance of the kingdom of God.  In other words, what Jesus is telling us is that we need to “see” the kingdom of God.  If we “see” or “get” the kingdom of God, then we will see everything clearly.  If we miss the kingdom—if we fail to see the importance of the kingdom of Godif we fail to put our treasures in heaven and to seek the kingdom first in our lives, then everything in our Christian life will be totally out of focus.  Jesus is telling us to look at the kingdom of God, to seek the kingdom, to enter the kingdom and to seek it first of all in our lives. He wants us to have a laser focus on the kingdom.  This is what I am fairly convinced the passage in question is about.
John Oakes

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