Muslims say that Jews & Christians were commanded only to worship God and to practice regular prayer but Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others excluded such commandments. What’s your response?


First of all, I cannot speak for Muslims, but Christians teach a LOT more than just worshipping God and practicing regular prayer.  It also teaches repentance, practicing and living by faith, loving and caring for the needy, integrity and honesty in all of our dealings with other humans, purity of life, spreading the gospel and so much more!!!  Who ever said that Christianity only involves worshipping God and practicing prayer?  That person knows nothing about Christianity!!!  There may be a grain of truth to this if we are talking about Islam, but not with Christianity.
Second, who ever said that Isaiah, Jeremiah and other exclude worship of God and prayer from their letters obviously never read Isaiah or Jeremiah.  Isaiah 27:13 “Worship the LORD on the holy mountain.”   Jeremiah 7:2 “Hear the word of the LORD, all you people of Judah who come through these gates to worship the LORD.
This is just about the most outrageous and unfounded criticism of the Bible I have ever heard.  Who said this?  My suggestion: stop listening to the people who said this.
John Oakes

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