I have just read an article in which you have stated that a box containing
the remains of “James, the brother of Christ, the son of Joseph”. could
you please let me know where to find more evidence on this, and other such
finds? Thanks

The best place to look for material on the “James Ossuary” is probably
from the Biblical Archaeology Review. This journal presents both sides of
the issue on whether the ossuary is a fake or whether it is the actual box
used to contain the bones of James, the brother of Jesus. You can
probably find back issues of the journal at any large university library.
The issue has been argued back and forth in this journal for the past
three years.

Let me summarize my take in this issue. First of all, the ossuary in
question is almost certainly genuine. In other words it is in fact a bone
box from Palestineat a time more or less contemporary with the first
century. The question is whether the inscription on the box is original
to the box. It is my opinion that the inscription is a clever fake. I am
cautious about making this statement, as I am not an expert at any of the
technical aspects of examining the inscription. The scientific aspects of
the question include the patina or coating built up on the article over
time, as well as the style of the writing/script and the technical aspects
of the actual instrument used to make the inscription. For me, the bottom
line of this question is that the person who produced this box is a
dubious character who is now suspected of producing many sophisticated
fakes, throwing much doubt on a number of recent discoveries. I am open
minded, but lean toward the conclusion that this item is not the ossuary
used to keep the bones of James, the brother of Jesus.

John Oakes

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