What proof is there that the Bible is true?


To tell you the truth, this is a rather broad question.   My first answer is please just start looking around the web site.  We have more than 2500 articles, each of which is intended to answer your question!  

But you asked, so I will at least make an attempt to answer this rather broad question.   My first response is to send you to an article right on the front page.   I just taught an 8 hour class on “The Evidence for Jesus.”  The audio, outline and power point would provide a very nice and concise answer to your question.   The link is

Another answer to your question is to suggest you get a copy of my book “Reasons For Belief.”   This book was written specifically to answer the question you asked with quite a bit of detail.  This book answers most of the common questions with regard to the reliability of the Bible.  It is available at

By way of a more specific answer to your question, let me give an outline of the evidence for the Bible being believable which is in this book:

1. Because of the claims of Jesus.   Jesus made claims about himself–that he was without sin, that he is eternal, that he is the source of eternal life, that he is the bread of life–which he backed up by his miracles and by his life.  He is either a liar, a crazy person or he is who he said he is.  The most reasonable conclusion is that he is who he said he is.

2. Because of the miracles he did.   There is much evidence that Jesus was a worker of marvelous miracles.  I deal with the evidence to support this claim in the book mentioned above, but also in my book “That You May Believe” available at the same web site.

3. Because of the slam dunk evidence in support of the reality of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, including the fact of the empty tomb of the fact that the resurrection was preached in Jerusalem immediately after the crucifixion.

4. Because of the specific fulfillment of Old Testament predictive prophecy.  This is some of the strongest evidence that Jesus is who the Bible says he is.  Prophecies in the Old Testament include the nature of his death, the location of his birth, the date of his execution, the price at which he was betrayed and many more.

5. Because of the reliability of the Old and New Testament texts.

6. Because of the consistency of science with biblical information (see my book Is There a God at

7. Because the Bible is the greatest book in the world on (fill in the blank…).  Because the Bible works.  The Bible provides the best advice for marriage, for psychological stability, for financial stability, for social justice and many, many more important human issues.

8. Because the world view espoused by the Bible is far superior to the competing world views such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, atheism, postmodernism, dualism, and the like.   For this, see an article on the Christian World View at the web site.

I hope this will get you started.

If you have more specific questions, do not hesitate to ask.

John Oakes

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