Where did God come from?

You ask what is really more a question for the philosopher. This is a
question which philosophers have pondered from the time belief in God or
even in “gods” has existed. In other words, you ask a question which has
been asked since there were people. Let me give the answer which
philosophers would give. I am not sure it will really satisfy your

Philosophers would say that God, by definition, is the uncaused cause. In
other words, our universe clearly exists. One well-accepted law is that
everything which happens has a cause. Yet, clearly at some point there was
a first cause, which by definition was uncaused. That uncaused cause is
God. What I am saying is that God simply is. In fact, this is exactly what
he said to Moses in Exodus. When asked to say who had sent him to the
Israelites, God told Moses to say that I AM had sent him. God’s first
property is that he exists. He was not created. God is by definition that
which exists outside of being caused.

This is a bit tough to take in, but it is who God is. The real question is
not where God came from, but whether God, as defined by the Bible is the
uncaused cause. In other words, the universe exists, and it was caused by
the uncaused cause. Is the God as described in the Bible that God? That is
a question for you to answer based on your own careful study of the
evidence. Of course, the purpose of this web site is to provide evidence
for just this claim.

John Oakes, PhD

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