Where was Islam originate?

Islam originated in what is now known as Saudi Arabia . It was founded by
an Arab named Muhammad. In the year AD 610, at the age of 40, Muhammad
claims to have been visited by the angel Gabriel in a vision. Muhammad
claims that over the course of the next 22 years, the writings of the
Koran, the scripture of Islam, were revealed to him. Muhammad was a
merchant from Mecca , the city which even today serves as the spiritual
capital of Islam. One commandment in the Koran is that every Muslim is
required, if economically possible, to take a pilgrimage to Mecca . In
Mecca they come to the Kabah, a large black meteorite which is the former
idol to the pagan god Allah. Muhammad took the former pagan god Allah and
raised him up to be the only God of his new monotheistic religion.

After several years of gaining very few converts to his new religion,
Muhammad was expelled from Mecca . He migrated to Medina , a smaller city
not too far from Mecca . In Medina he gained many more converts. Through a
series of piratical raids on caravans from Mecca and three battles,
eventually Muhammad conquered Mecca . By the time of his death in AD 632,
Muhammad had succeeded in conquering, if not converting much of the
Arabian Peninsula . And thus the religion known as Islam was born. For
more on the teachings, theology and history of Islam, see the books
section of the web site for a recommendation and see the article on other
religions in the articles section under the heading “God.” Also, there is
a power point presentation on Islam in the power point section of the web

John Oakes, PhD

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