In Hebrews Chapter 11, who is this Melchizedek? I saw this and I had no
idea of who this is. Enlighten me please.


I am going to answer your question, but first I am going to make a
recommendation. You need to get your hands on what is known as a
concordance. This is a reference book which will allow you to look up any
word found in the Bible and the places where that word is used. I suggest
a complete concordance to the translation you use. For example. To answer
this question, you could have looked up the word Melchizedek in your
concordance. You would have immediately found the scripture references in
Genesis 14:18 and Pslam 110:4.

Melchizedek is an interesting and enigmatic figure in the Bible,
indeed. He is the person whom Abraham met after defeating a coalition of
forces which had defeated Sodomand captured Lot. What is intriguing here
is that Melchizedek is called a priest of Jehovah hundreds of years before
the levitical priesthood was established during the time of Moses. In
Genesis 14, Abraham acknowledges the spiritual authority of Melchizedek,
giving him an offering of 10% of all he had. Psalm 110:4 gives another
enigmatic hit about this character Melchizedek, saying, in a messianic
prophecy that the future Messiah will be a priest, not from the order of
Aaron, but from the order of Melchizedek.

The writer of Hebrews picks up on this, definitely declaring Jesus
as a priest, not by descent from Levi, but by spiritual descent from
Melchizedek, the priest of the High God to whom Abraham gave tribute. The
difference between Melchizedek and priests from Aaron is that he was
chosen directly by God as priest, and was not born into his position.
Like Melchizedek, Jesus is priest on his own merits, not by birth.
Similarly, we become priests of the High God when we are baptized into
Christ, not by physical birth, but by spiritual rebirth. The point of the
Hebrew writer is that Jesus, as high priest, is far above the Jewish high

John Oakes

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