Why People Do not believe? I am a missionary in the Philippines. I have a long history here. My main mission has been working with Bar Girls, Singing Girls, Show Girls and Prostitutes. Any thing you can send me would be a great help. I am a graduate of Lincoln Christian College. I have been here 14 years. God came to minister to the Gentiles, simple poor and sinful. Most churches here do not want any part of the ministry I do.


There is no single reason people do not believe. Some do not believe in the Bible and Jesus because they have never been presented with the evidence. Others do not believe because bad things have happened to them and they have been hurt in ways which hinder them emotionally and psychologically from believing. Still others do not believe because they are so caught up in sin they are not willing/able to come to faith, as they would need to repent of things they do not want to repent of. I am sure there are other reasons, but this covers the majority, at least in my experience.

My ministry principally offers lessons and information in the area of evidence and apologetics. For this reason, it is probably not the most useful for bar girls and prostitutes, as their issues are almost certainly not a question of evidence. They probably fall into category #2 above. For them, evidence of the incredible love of God is most likely to be helpful. Please feel free to use any of the hundreds of articles and power points and the 1500 questions and answers at my web site, if they can be of use.

John Oakes

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