1. The whole dinosaurs debate seems to come up a lot. First the fact the dinosaurs lived millions of year ago and the Bible goes back about 6,000 years. So what do you say to people that say the bible is fake because it doesn’t mention dinosaurs and the dates don’t match up?   2. The atheist always bring up Noah’s ark or Jonah living in a whale as just  a  story and there is no way that could happen, what can I say in situations like this beside the fact that I just have faith and I believe in it?  3. The last questions is about life on other planets. I know we found a bunch of other planets the other day, lets just say it had life on them would that mean that God and the bible is fake or does the bible talk about the possibility that we could have life on other planets?


Why would Genesis mention dinosaurs?  They had lived tens of millions of years before humans.   The Jews did not even have a word for dinosaurs, obviously.  What would it have served for God to mention creatures that the Jews knew nothing about?   God also does not mention bacteria or yeast or amoeba.  He also does not mention the planet Jupiter.  Genesis is an outline form describing the fact that God created the universe, created order out of disorder, created life and, last of all created us.   Dinosaurs are not relevant to this story.   I am not sure what you mean by “the dates don’t match up.”  Perhaps you can explain what you are asking there.

The atheist assumes that miracles do not happen.   Therefore they say that the flood could not have happened and that Jonah could not have been resurrected from within the large fish.  Well, this is circular reasoning.  What we should discuss is whether the supernatural is possible, but assuming that it does not exist is NOT an argument that it does not exist.  What I would say is that there is plenty of evidence for the reliability and inspiration of the Bible and there is plenty of evidence that Jesus did indeed work miracles.  I cannot “prove” that the flood happened, and I will admit that I accept this account, partly, on faith, but to assume that it did not happen because we are a-priori assuming that miracles are not real is not even an argument.  You should turn the discussion to evidence about the reliability and inspiration of the Bible, but also point out the circular reasoning involved.

The existence of live on other planets or the lack of such existence is, first of all, unknown, and second of all, irrelevant to Christianity.   There is nothing in the Bible which either precludes life on other planets, or that supports.  This is simply NOT a Christian issue and should be left where it belongs, which is in the hands of science.   I believe that if life existed on another planet, that life would have had to have been created by God. Why would God create life on another planet?  I have no idea, but God can and will do whatever he likes and I will not comment on this other than to say I am agnostic about live on other planets.

I hope this helps.

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