Question:,Why does God allow birth in all kinds of races, cultures, remote places where people will not get a worthy opportunity to hear, believe or accept the good news in Christ through discipleship? How is He going to justify them — is it act on your conscious scale for them? ,Answer:,About God allowing people to be born in areas where Jesus is not known,To quote 1 Timothy 2:3-4, God wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. If it were up to God, all would be saved. Yet, God has given us free will. God loves us enought that he gives his children the freedom to do good or to do evil. One of the choices God gives us is whether we will have children or not. There are people living in parts of the world which have not been thoroughly exposed to Christianity. These people decide to have children. God is not in the business of providing miraculous birth control to the families of those who do not know God. God has left the world, to some extent, in the hands of those of us who believe (Matthew 28:18020). He has made us ministers of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18). God makes his appeal through us. For followers of God who are concerned that Muslims and Buddhists and others have not heard of Jesus, we need to work hard to get the word of Jesus to these people. God is counting on us to reach out to these lost people. I understand that YOU are part of the solution, as you reach out to Muslim people. God bless you.,As I write, I believe that virtually every living person on the earth has heard of Jesus Christ. This was not true in the past. Even in China, Pakistan and New Guinea, the name Jesus is known. God will hold all people responsible for responding to Jesus. For those who have never heard of Jesus, Romans 2:12-16 provides at least a hint of the possibility that God will judge those who have not heard of Jesus by their consciences. However, this does not give me much confidence at all. All of us sin and violate our own conscience. Will God allow some extremely sincere, loving, unselfish people who gave their absolute best to be righteous, despite never hearing of Jesus, to go to heaven? I believe this may be the case, but we human beings are not in a position to judge such a thing. We who are believers need to make every possible sacrifice, brave any danger and go anywhere so that those who are not in Christ can share in the salvation we have.,God is just. I trust in his love, justice and wisdom. He can take care of this difficult issue. I appreciate your heart of concern for those who are born into situations where Jesus is not honored at all. You can rest assured that God feels the same thing, only more intensely.,I wish I had a simple answer to your question.,John Oakes, PhD

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