Why is God so “active” in the Bible (like the flood or even the creation of man) but nowadays we have no direct interaction with him?


This is a good question.  But the answer is really fairly simple.  God is sovereign, but he gives human beings free will.  God only intervenes in history VERY rarely, and only for VERY good reasons.  God allows human beings to act on their own.  He does not change elections and he does not intervene miraculously to end wars.  He does not change the traffic lights so Christians can get to work on time. He does not drop notes out of the sky telling us what to do. Normally (but with exceptions?), he does not intervene in the course of diseases, and he lets people die of natural causes.  Normally, God does not intervene in the natural world.  He lets gravity do its work.  He lets evolution do its work as well.

So, when DOES God intervene in history?  The answer is that he does this only when it is essential to his plan to offer salvation to the world through Jesus Christ.  If you look at the history of the Jews, even in their history, God’s intervention is rare.  Only at the time of the Exodus, during the career of some of the prophets, at the flood and then during the ministry of Jesus does God intervene miraculously. So, intervention into human history is truly extremely rare, but it just so happens that the Bible records many of these events, for obvious reasons.  The Bible is the story of God interacting with human beings, so the few times God has intervened, naturally, are found in the Bible.

Sorry, but if you or I have a financial issue, we should not assume that God will drop money in our laps (just kidding).  We do have interaction with God through prayer, through the reading of Scripture (Luke 16:29), through the influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and that will have to be enough for us.

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