What is exactly the Devil?  Is it not arrogant for God to tell everyone to love him over all things?  When someone behaves in an evil way for example stealing money, is it because the Devil is making him do that?


Perhaps it is a big surprising, but the Bible does not actually tell us precisely what is the origin of the devil.  However, I believe that we have sufficient information in the Bible to make a conclusion of what is the most likely source of the devil.  Everything God made is good (Genesis 1:31).  The only reason there is evil in the world is that persons with free will, given them by God, chose to rebel against their Creator, to sin, and to bring evil into the world.  Therefore, I believe (and most conservative Christian scholars agree) that Satan is a fallen angelic being. He, like humans, had free will and used that gift, in his pride, to rebel against God.  Possibly, he is an archangel who rebelled against God.  There is plenty of support for this idea, including Revelation 12 and Job 1.  Again, I have no proof-text for this, but it is the most reasonable conclusion from the Bible.

God is Creator of everything.  God created you and he created me.  God is holy, just, loving, all-powerful and all-knowing.  His most overarching characteristic is his love.  The reason we exist is that God wanted to love us, he wanted us to love him and he wanted us to love another.  God is love, but God is also just.  God hates sin.  If, on Judgement Day, you want to charge God with being arrogant for asking us to love and serve him, I wish you good luck with your plan to do so.   As for me, I appreciate that God created me, that he loves me and that he has my best interest at heart/mind.  I do not plan on charging the Creator with being arrogant.  Some people say that even if they believed in God they would not serve or worship him because they do not like him.  Again, to those people, I say good luck with that plan, but I do not count myself among that group of people.  I believe that it is those folks who are being foolishly prideful and arrogant, but that is just my view of the matter.

No.  The devil has no power to make us do evil.  We have free will. Neither does God nor does Satan force us to do anything.  God has the power to do so, but he chooses not to do so.  Satan does not have that power.  There is no evidence in the Bible that Satan can control people who do not give him permission to do so.  Many scriptures can be used to support this conclusion, but please forgive me for only providing one.  That is James 1:13-15 in which James tells us that we sin when we give in to our own evil desires.  Can Satan tempt us?  Yes.  But he cannot force us.

John Oakes

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