First of All, let me greet you with the greetings of prophet Jesus pbuh (Shalom Aleichem).  Peace be upon you. In Arabic (Asalaamu alaikum). I have read your response where you compared Prophet Moses with prophet Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all).  I must say you have made invalid and biased points. I would like you to have a keen look at this: take care.


I appreciate the obvios sincerity of your letter. However, sincerity is not a strong argument for a particular position. Which of my points are invalid or biased? Please be specific.

I listened to the speech you mention. This speaker gives absolutely no evidence to support his position. He does not quote even once from the sayings of Jesus. Neither does he support his claim that Moses was a prophet of Islam by a quote from Moses. Perhaps you can find a quote from the New Testament or from the Old Testament to support his claim that these two prophets were Islamic. Who are the 124,000 messengers? Who was the messenger to the Chinese? Who was the messenger to the Japanese? Who was the messenger to the Germans? Who was the messenger to the Incas? This is a nice speech, but if you want me to believe it, what I need is evidence that it is true. Anyone can claim anything they want, but your speaker does not provide a single piece of evidence for these 124,000 prophets and he does not quote a single time form the words of Jesus. Forgive me if I am not convinced by this speech.

In any case, I am very open to discussion of your claim. You claim that the points I make are invalid. Please tell me, specifically what points are not valid and then please tell me your evidence and reasoning that my arguments are not valid. I will be happy to respond. Otherwise, this is just words. I hope to hear from you.

John Oakes

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