Dear John,

I would like to send you a mail to say thank
you for changing my life 20 years ago. I was
a 1st year student in UCSD when you delivered
a lecture on "Does God Exist?" on the
campus in 1988. I was a Biochemistry major
back then and logic (evidence) was very important
to me to get me started to study the
Bible. No one, until I came to your lecture,
was able to provide me with the evidence on
how Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies from
the OT and able to prove that he is really the
Son of God in a logic and scientific way. I
came to that lecture with my roommate (who
brought me there and he was an Atheist) and
we sat on the 2nd row in the lecture hall that
evening. I started attending BT after the lecture
and became a disciple in May 88. I am
married for 15 years this coming May and
have 2 daughters who are 8 and 10. It was a
pity that I was on business trip when you
came to visit our Hong Kong church and I
could not thank you in person. But I hope
that we could meet someday (maybe in
heaven) and will be praying for your continuous
awesome work in the Lord.


Andrew Lee

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