Last year, a co-worker gave me this Newsweek article to read, Can God Love Darwin, Too? (Sep 17, 2007 Issue).  I have shared a few of Doug’s CD sets with him and I guess he expected me to be resistant to evolution because of my religious convictions. He was quite surprised to learn that I had accepted the reality of evolution. The article mentioned Richard Colling, Ph.D., who is a biology professor at Olivet Nazarene University. Colling is listed as a theistic evolutionist on the Wikipedia site and is also author of the book, Random Designer. His Random Designer website includes some very helpful PowerPoint presentations as well as some videos about his book.  I believe you will enjoy his book, if you have not already read it.  Also, I saw that another book that was mentioned in the Newsweek article, Saving Darwin was recently released.  I think both of these resources will be very useful in illustrating the compatibility of science and faith. Take care!

John Lang

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