Letters to the Editor, December Edition

Is Christmas A Christian Holiday?

When people claim a late date for NT writings, another great question for them
is why there is no mention of the Jewish Temple being destroyed, the ritual
sacrifices with it, and the scattering of the Jews. To most people who understand
the Jewish religion during the first century and the importance of the Temple, it is
unfathomable to conceive of the Jewish Temple’s destruction and 

Christianity’s prominence with no mention of it in later NT letters. While it
is difficult to argue from silence, I prefer a pre-70 date for all NT writings.

 I still highly doubt any macro-evolution as not science but only theory that
has never been proven but acknowledge micro-evolution is science.

Rex Giessler

Highlands Ranch, CO


Thanks for the great article on Christmas. In our family we try to make certain
that remember Jesus is at the center of our celebration. We make a birthday
cake and card for Jesus. On Christmas morning the kids get to eat Jesus’ birthday
cake and then we read the Christmas narrative. Finally, the kids get to open

James Gitre

San Antonio, TX


Letters to the Editor, November Edition



This newsletter was very well done–so much so that I forwarded it to my father
(a deist) and brothers (who are atheists). Thanks John, for writing an exce
ptional article on "Intelligent Design."


Irvine, CA


This is great.  Thanks for sending this to me.

John Clayton



Fascination reading.  Thanks for sending it.

Bonnie T.

San Diego, CA


I went to the web site and printed out all of John’s article.

David O

Reading, MA


Very nice newsletter.  It would also be nice to create a printer friendly PDF

Ted Sung



Letters to the Editor, October Edition

Apologetics Research Society  Purpose


Thanks for the update and newsletter – very interesting. Thanks!

Bradley O.

San Diego

Thanks for putting me on the newsletter email list. I definitely

support the program Thanks,

Brook M.

San Diego


Pretty good stuff………

Ron Brumley

Seattle, WA


Thanks for including me in this. I will look forward to the future

of this effort proceeding most successfully. And pray it will be so.

I just started reading "From Shadow to Reality" -great

introduction and especially the definition of terms which is often

overlooked in this type of writing. Looking forward to seeing

what’s inside!

Keith W.



Thanks for the mail.




Thanks for sending the newsletter along. Please continue to do

so. Hope all is well with you. Cheers,

John P

Ontario, Canada


I love it!

Nancy O.

Madison, WI


Nice job!

Randy Haragan

San Diego

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