ARS Evidence for Christianity Newsletter

Letters to the Editors

September 2006



I’m at AIM in Athens(Online course) and I just wanted to say "thanks" for the
lesson today. It was very inspirational and it fueled my desire to study more
so that I can get some evangelistic "Evidence" classes going when I get back
to Tampa. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Clemson and practiced
for 4 years before getting into the ministry back in 87. Your lesson today took
me back to some of the interesting discussions we had in my Thermodynamics Classes.

I appreciate the diligence that you demonstrate in your studies and I am grateful
that you are so eager to share it.

Gregg Eargle
Tampa, Florida




Hey Jan,


Tell your husband ?Thanks? for writing his book ?From Shadow to Reality? ? I
am reading it and it is helping me with some faith difficulties I have been


Nick Spring

Colombus, OH




Dear John Oakes,

Greetings from Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Thanks for sending August’s News letter.  Thanks again for all the teaching
in men’s meeting in Bangalore, India. I grew in my faith in God.  When I came
back to my country, Bangladesh, I did a day long workshop with the disciples
over here. Everyone, even including non-Christians also got some shake about
knowing that how the Bible is so true.  God blessed you with this Gift. May
God use you more powerfully among His nation and the lost.

Our prayer is always with you.



Simon Mazumder

Dhaka Church of Christ





Hi Bro
I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, a Disciple of GC2 Church. I heard about you from
Simon Bro. He met you at the Men?s meeting in Bangalore. It is really inspiring
to know that the word of God is being proven.  I gave your Web address to my
teacher who is interested in knowing about Christianity. He will ask you questions. 
He has written some books.
Thanks for your Lessons & Presentations that you gave to Simon Bro.

Brother is Christ
Sumitra Nokerk




Dear Jan,

Thank you so much for your encouraging email.  Your newsletter is incredible. 
What great news and fantastic pictures.  Thank you for taking the time to put
it together, and for keeping us informed as to the incredible things that God
is doing around the world. 

May God continue to bless you and your tender heart towards the poor and needy.

Have a great weekend.





Dear Jan,
It’s so exciting to read the newsletter and see how God is using you
and John to serve Him and meet the needs of so many others!!  I will
bring this home to the family.  Lainey will be excited to hear more
about Liz’s trip to Spain.  I don’t think we will be able to make it
out to Californiaany time soon, but our hearts are with you!

Nancy Bennaton


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