1. What relationship exists between science and religion?
2. Can science prove the existence of God?
3. Is there any evidence of proof (aside from the Big Bang Theory) that will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that God truly exist?
4. Do all scientists today still believe in the Holy Bible, especially in the many miracles written there?
5. Do you truly believe that the Holy Bible is an accurate history and also a science almanac?
6. Is our existence due to random chance or by supernatural design?
1.  I have published an essay on the relationship between science and religion. It is here:   Science and Religion Are Not Enemies  In this article I argue that science and religion are incomensurate means to acquire knowledge of the world and that each has a range of questions it is good at answering.  I have also published an entire book on the topic Is There a God?   It is available at
2.  No, science cannot prove the existence of God in the mathematical or logical sense of prove.  It can be used to present a very strong case that the existence of God is by far the most reasonable explanation of the laws of nature, but cannot be used as an absolute proof.  God gives us free will, which may be one reason that we do not have absolute proof of his existence.
3.  It is not possible to “prove” that God exists, again, in the mathematical sense of proof.   However, if you ask if proof “beyong a reasonable doubt” can be given, then I say yes.  Of course, the definition of reasonable doubt can be debated.   I am also attaching notes and a power point with material which proves, in my opinion, beyond a reasonable doubt that God exists, but it cannot be proved!    Existence of God Notes   Existence of God PPT
4. Obviously not.  A significant minority of scientists believe in the Bible, but I am sure it is less than half.  Surely you already knew that many scientists do not believe in the Bible!
5.  I believe that the Bible is the most accurate historical record we have from the ancient world.  As far as I know, it is accurate history.  Besides, I believe the entire Bible is inspired by God so I believe (by faith, not by proof) that the entire historical record is accurate.  I cannot prove this, but wherever the Bible has been tested by historical evidence, it has been proved to be reliable.  The Bible is NOT a scientific almanac.   It is not a science book and its intent is not to relay scientific information.   I believe that the Bible never contradicts science directly, but as a rule it is not a science book.  It is a God book.
6.  Random chance would never produce life, and even if life existed, it would never produce life with the ability to reason, to make moral judgments, to be self-aware, to have free will and to understand the universe.  None of these things could happen by pure chance.  The naturalist explanation of the universe falls flat on its face.   I can say scientifically that the universe was created, and all the evidence points toward the conclusion that life was miraculously created, as were humans in God’s image miraculously created.  The book aleady referenced above, Is There a God? goes into great detail on this question.

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