Where can I find a book geared to teaching children apologetics: to help them when they face criticism and mocking at school so they are able to provide a loving apologetic answer? I need a book that approaches the answer from the either the naturalistic, or post-modern perspective.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated…
The best source of material of apologetics for adolescents in my opinion is from John Clayton.  His website is   If you do not find what you want, I suggest you contact John directly.  He is very willing to help anyone he can sharing with youth who have questions about apologetics.
By the way, we are having a conference on the Christian World View.  There will be classes taught by me on naturalism Here are some notes I will be using  Christianity and Modernism    and another speaker on postmodernism. You might want to get a copy of the CD from the conference.   It will be published very soon after the conference.  I did a talk on postmodernism, including a section on the effect of this kind of thinking on young people.  I am attaching notes and a power point.  Christianity in a Postmodern World    Postmodernism PPT
John Oakes

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