I heard about discovery of Jesus’ blood on the ark of covenant by Ryan Watt.  He concluded they found Jesus’ blood ….when they tested this blood the results were that Jesus’ blood is still alive today, and it has 24 chromosomes: 23 from his mother and 1 from the Holy Spirit which proves the virgin birth. The 23 chromosomes helps to form a baby and the father’s chromosomes decides gender of a baby,  But Watt claims in Jesus’ blood they found an extra chromosome. Is this discovery of Jesus’ blood reliable?  If not …why not?  Also, I saw a recent you tube channel which also concluded Jesus’ blood is still alive. Is this true? What do you say sir?


I assume you mean Ron Wyatt.  Unfortunately this man is a completely unreliable witness.  He has been known to fake data, the use pictures from out of context–to flat out lie.  He has done this again and again.  He is a charlatan and a self-serving self-promoter, and Christians would do well to not use any of his material.  We need to learn to be more discerning and to ask hard questions of those who make claims, even when they seem to support Christian belief.  A good rule of thumb on claims by Christians or anyone else: If it is too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true! This certainly applies to this totally bogus claim about finding actual blood of Jesus!

I have a personal friend who confronted Wyatt face-to-face. He asked him how he could write such obviously false claims. His response (paraphrased), “I have to make money somehow.”  I strongly urge you to not use Wyatt’s material and if you have published anything on line, you should take it down and perhaps apologize for putting out unreliable material.

Why is this claim not reliable? First of all, because the person making the claim is a know repeat liar and charlatan.  Also, because the idea that the blood of Jesus could be found, or that it could have been preserved for nearly two thousand years is absolutely absurd. The DNA in blood degrades within a few days except in extremely rare circumstances, none of which would ever apply to the blood of Jesus. Again, I strongly advise you to be more skeptical (although you did the right thing to send the question!)

John Oakes

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