Is it Biblical to say that blood of Jesus provides protection?   If so please indicate the reference.  Blessings.


I like to advise people when in doubt to use biblical language. The blood of Jesus purifies us. Does it protect us? I do not know. That depends on what you mean. Does it protect us against car accidents? I doubt it. Does it protect us against losing our jobs? Probably not. Does it protect us from diseases? I see no evidence that Christians get less diseases than non-Christians. Does it protect us from sin? Maybe…. Depends on what you mean by that. Let’s just say this. The blood of Jesus purifies us from sin. If a saved disciple of Jesus sins, then the blood of Jesus cleans away the stain of that sin. Does the blood of Jesus prevent sin? Hmmmm…. I have to think about that…. I suppose indirectly it does, because if we understand and appreciate the blood of Jesus, that can motivate us to not sin. Also, the blood of Jesus allows us to be saved, and to have the Holy Spirit in our lives which can help us to be convicted about sin and, hopefully, to not sin. In that sense, indirectly, the blood of Jesus can “protect” us from sinning.

Historically, those who have said that the blood of Jesus protects us have used this in a superstitious way, which I cannot support (such as it is like a superstitious talisman, warding off disease, etc.). Because of this “history” I would prefer not to use the expression, “The blood of Jesus protects us.” Does it “protect” us in at least some sense? I think the answer is yes, but I would not express it that way. I would rather use biblical language. Purifies? Yes. Cleanses? Yes Forgives? Yes. (well, not actually… because of the blood God forgives, but that may be semantics). Protects? I would advise staying away from saying it that way.

John Oakes

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